Chiropractic Success Stories

{I am happy to have Dr. Cyr treat my whole family. He and his staff really care about us and he can help not just with my neck pain, but treats my kids for ear infections, and colds and even helped my son with a bed-wetting problem. I trust him as much or more than my pediatrician.
Maggie S.
{Dr. Cyr, It is my pleasure to write about my experiences at your office. When I first saw you, I was in bad shape. I could hardly stand up. My family doctor gave me pills, but all they did was knock me out. He sent me to a so-called specialist, but they didn't listen to me and after spending less than five minutes with my wife and me, told me I would be fine, stay home from work until I felt better, and keep taking the medication plus another pill. I was devastated and felt helpless. A friend of mine recommend Dr. Cyr and I'm glad he did. From the first time I walked into the office, their whole attitude was better. Before a week went by, I was back to work and off all the medication. I am happy to tell everybody my great results at your office. Thank You
David Spencer
{I am a 58-year-old plumber who has beaten up my back over the years. I have tried many kinds of treatment including physical therapy, medication, shots, and even acupuncture. Nothing I have tried has helped as much as Dr. Cyr's treatment. He seems to really care about your problems and takes the time to sit with you, listen to what you have to say, and explain the problem much better than anyone else ever has. He also spent time showing me how to try to prevent future problems. The staff is great too. My schedule is such that I cannot always plan exactly when I can get in. They have always been nice and easy to deal with, even when I miss or have to change an appointment. Thank You so much for the help you have given my wife and me.
John H.
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