I feel great!

I treated my allergy symptoms with Doctor Cyr in the spring when my nose, throat and sneezing is the worst.  After getting 4-5 treatments, my sinus headaches and runny eyes reduced. A few weeks later, I was able to stop all my medications, both prescription and non-prescription.  I feel great.  I wish I would have taken these treatments years ago.

Thank You.

June 2009

A. Cote

I'm so grateful to Dr Cyr and his staff

My son is a great 7 year old child, but is hyperactive.  He had a hard time sitting quietly in school.  I was a patient of Dr Cyr and receiving chiropractic care when he told me about the new treatment called Bax.  I didn't really know what to expect, but what did I have to lose. Dr Cyr started treating my son last spring and his teachers noticed a chang in his behavior in as little as three weeks.  They said he was calmer and had a better attention span.  Now since school started in September, he looks forward to getting up in the morning and going to school.  He does his homework and actually likes to sit and read.  I'm so grateful to Dr Cyr and his staff for letting the good in my son shine.

October 2009

L. Baily

I recommend this allergy treatment totally, my life has changed and yours will too!

I had severe allergies all my life.  I used several medications for allergies, asthma, and skin irritations.  Dr Cyr tested me and found I was allergic to everything!  Dr Cyr recommended treatment with the BAX 3000 allergy relief program.  It was a huge blessing!!  My allergies have disappeared, my asthma too!  I'm off all medication.  He treated me for Herpes simplex and now I am cured from all my cold sores!  I recommend this allergy treatment totally, my life has changed and yours will too!

October 15, 2009

Ann Dumais

Dr. Cyr and his staff have greatly improved my quality of life

The following are the positive results of my Bioallergy treatments,

    1. Immediately after my first treatment, the sinus headaches that had plagued me for years were gone.
2. A direct result of this treatment was that the bloody noses occurring every morning have stopped as well.
3. There were many items noted on the extensive testing that were treated as they were uncovered. Most of these were items I didn't realize I was allergic to.
4. Being an insulin dependent diabetic for over thirty years, this treatment, along with my other medical management allowed me to reduce the amount of insulin I take. I feel that this treatment has helped me retain and increase my sensitivity to insulin.

For over ten years, I developed and suffered from an allergic reaction to an unknown substance. This would cause my tongue or face to swell. In December of last year, I was made aware that this substance was red dye #40. No other medical doctor could diagnose the problem. I saw many specialist, had seventeen teeth puled out, all with the same negative results. "Sorry, guess we don't know what the problem is but you can take Claratin every day for the rest of your life. That should work." After my Bioallergenic treatment for red dye #40, I can eat or drink anything I want, including diet Coke, which I haven't been able to drink for many years. All without the fear of my face or tongue swelling.

I have had no adverse effects from these treatments, all are completely painless. I still have a hard time believing that this is possible, but I am enjoying the results.

Finally, I would like to thank Dr Cyr and his professional staff for making Bioallerginics treatment available to me as this has greatly improved my quality of life.

Wishing much success with other people as you have done for me.

September 2009

Al Sherman

I am happy to have Dr Cyr treat my whole family

I am happy to have Dr Cyr treat my whole family. He and his staff really care about us and he can help not just my neck pain, but treats my kids for ear infections, colds and even helped my son with a bed wetting problem. I trust him as much or more than my pediatrition.

April 4, 2009

Maggie S.

I am happy to tell everybody my great results at your office

Dr. Cyr,

It is my pleasure to write about my experiences at your office. When I first saw you , I was in bad shape. I could hardly stand up. My family doctor gave me pills, but all they did was to knock me out. He sent me to a so called specialist, but they didn't listen to me and after spending less than five minutes with my wife and I, told me I would be fine, stay home from work until I felt better and keep taking the medication plus another pill. I was devastated and felt helpless. A friend of mine recommend Dr Cyr and I'm glad he did. From the first time I walked into the office, their whole attitude was better. Before a week went by, I was back to work and off all the medication. I am happy to tell every body my great results at your office.

Thank You

March 2009

David Spencer

Nothing I Tried Helped As Much As Dr. Cyr's Treatment

I am a 58 year old plumber who has beat up my back over the years. I have tried many kinds of treatment including physical therapy, medication, shots and even acupuncture. Nothing I have tried has helped as much as Dr Cyr's treatment. He seems to really care about your problems and takes the time to sit with you, listen to what you have to say, and explain the problem much better than anyone else ever has. He also spent time showing me how to try to prevent future problems.

The staff is great too. My schedule is such that I cannot always plan exactly when I can get in. They have always been nice and easy to deal with, even when I miss ao have to change an appointment. Thank You so much for the help you have given my wife and me.

January 2009

John H.
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