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Visit: to find out how the Chiropractic care provided by the expert team at Cyr Chiropractic led by Dr. Michael and Dr. Chris Cyr could be the key to your Families Future Healthcare Solutions!

“Feeling Great!”

Wellness has been a way of life for Jeannette and her wonderful family for over 25 years!! This fabulous patient first experienced the exceptional care provided at Cyr Chiropractic in treating her neck pain which she found out was the cause of her migraine headaches. Through the great educational process at Cyr Chiropractic they want you to not only feel better but to understand the how and the why for great results that will last you a lifetime!

Cyr Chiropractic Center
155 Center St
Auburn, ME 04210
(207) 784-5120


For Your Health,

Dr. Michael Cyr and Dr. Christopher Cyr

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