Dr. Cyr and his staff have greatly improved my quality of life
by Dr. Michael Cyr and Dr. Christopher Cyr

Read Dr. Cyr and his staff have greatly improved my quality of life by Dr. Michael Cyr and Dr. Christopher Cyr to learn more about Cyr Chiropractic Center and our Chiropractic office in Auburn, ME.

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The following are the positive results of my Bioallergy treatments,

    1. Immediately after my first treatment, the sinus headaches that had plagued me for years were gone.
2. A direct result of this treatment was that the bloody noses occurring every morning have stopped as well.
3. There were many items noted on the extensive testing that were treated as they were uncovered. Most of these were items I didn’t realize I was allergic to.
4. Being an insulin dependent diabetic for over thirty years, this treatment, along with my other medical management allowed me to reduce the amount of insulin I take. I feel that this treatment has helped me retain and increase my sensitivity to insulin.

For over ten years, I developed and suffered from an allergic reaction to an unknown substance. This would cause my tongue or face to swell. In December of last year, I was made aware that this substance was red dye #40. No other medical doctor could diagnose the problem. I saw many specialist, had seventeen teeth puled out, all with the same negative results. “Sorry, guess we don’t know what the problem is but you can take Claratin every day for the rest of your life. That should work.” After my Bioallergenic treatment for red dye #40, I can eat or drink anything I want, including diet Coke, which I haven’t been able to drink for many years. All without the fear of my face or tongue swelling.

I have had no adverse effects from these treatments, all are completely painless. I still have a hard time believing that this is possible, but I am enjoying the results.

Finally, I would like to thank Dr Cyr and his professional staff for making Bioallerginics treatment available to me as this has greatly improved my quality of life.

Wishing much success with other people as you have done for me.

September 2009

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For Your Health,

Dr. Michael Cyr and Dr. Christopher Cyr

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