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Visit: to learn more about our amazing Chiropractic and Wellness Team at Cyr Chiropractic, who have enjoyed serving our community of Lewiston – Auburn, ME for over 33 years so far!

“My whole life changed when I acted on flyer and called Cyr Chiropractic!”

This extraordinary patient, Cheri, first began suffering with extreme allergies from the age of 3. She was allergic to food, animals, etc. Suffering and undergoing all of the skin allergy tests, she was told the only possible solution was to control these symptoms by medication. Even with the medication her allergies worsened as she became older; until one day she acted and called Cyr Chiropractic.

Cheri is now so thrilled that she has had 100% SUCCESS and feels normal that she would like to share her fabulous story with you!

Please listen!. If you suffer with allergies, please do not hesitate and call Cyr Chiropractic today for they may hold the key to your future healthcare solution to allergies!

Cyr Chiropractic Center
155 Center St
Auburn, ME 04210
(207) 784-5120


For Your Health,

Dr. Michael Cyr and Dr. Christopher Cyr

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